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Brewhemians are a dapper bunch, we request that all guests dress appropriately and not for getting the messages. If it’s on Geordie Shore you won’t get through the door. No fancy dress and no football colours.

Book online for dining parties of up to 8, for larger bookings fill out the enquiry and we’ll give you a call.

1A Market St,

Children and families are welcome daily until 10pm.

We call them Pawhemians and they’re welcome all day every day as long as they abide by the doggy rules.

We always try and save space for walk in customers but booking in advance is recommended.


The Winter Queen of Bohemia

Our tale begins in 1860 in the Scottish port of Leith as a young boy sits in his father’s lap and listens to him tell stories of Elizabeth Stuart – The Winter Queen. The boy is fascinated to hear that his long distant relative was royalty, how she almost inherited the English throne and how in the end she travelled to Europe, to a little known and intriguing place called Bohemia. How she became the Queen there and was beloved of the free thinking, adventure loving people before returning to Britain to live out her life, forever remembered as the Winter Queen, the Queen of Bohemia.

As the boy grew his fascination with the stories grew with him, he longed to visit this place, to meet the people, to live the life. And so on his eighteenth birthday he waved goodbye to his father and struck out for Bohemia, for the Czech Republic, following in the footsteps of the Winter Queen. What he found was everything the stories had promised. It was unconventional, avant-garde, free thinking and artistic. The local beer flowed freely from giant copper tanks as they partied, sang and danced from dusk till dawn without a care in the world.

After a decade in Bohemia, on the advice of his father, he travelled from the Czech Republic to see the bierhalles in the hills of Bavaria. Robert was astounded at the Munich Oktoberfest, awed at the atmosphere and quickly fell in love with the lifestyle, beer and schnapps that epitomised the huge parties, festivals and music. The spirit of the people and the incredible bier served in giant steins reminded him of the long hedonistic nights in Bohemia.

At the Oktoberfest of 1890 Robert, or Rabbie as the locals knew him, met an enigmatic Italian called Pompeo Molmenti who was visiting from Venice. He regaled Robert with tales of a sparkling wine called Prosecco which came from a region near his home, how the bubbles danced on your tongue and made ladies eyes sparkle. This was more than enough to persuade young Rabbie to leave Munich and head south for the beautiful port of Venice.

He developed a love for the incredible Prosecco, the outrageous evenings which marked the Italian summer season and the masquerade balls. The downside to the decadent nights was, as it always has been, the morning after. Luckily the passionate locals knew how to combat this using their incredible coffee. Soon Rabbie was taken on by a little Nona with her own cafe and she taught him everything she knew about coffee. The next few years passed in a blur of dancing, brewing & amazing local food until the summer of 1896.

When Rabbie saw her at the Grand Ball he knew his life had changed forever. Her name was Amelie Dubois and she had come to visit Venice in the spring. She reminded him of the gypsy girls he had met in Bohemia and he fell in love with her so suddenly that without a second thought, Rabbie was following her back to Paris. Instantly the free ideals of Paris resonated with him and so Rabbie stayed for years, working in the Moulin Rouge as a cocktail waiter alongside Amelie, his can-can dancing love and soon to be bride. There was nothing else like the cabaret & show that epitomised the Moulin Rouge so it was with a heavy heart that Rabbie returned to Scotland with his infant son after the death of his beloved wife. After years of late night debauchery in the underground scene of the Montmartre, a part of Rabbie was looking forward to something close to his heart.

He took his boy back to Auld Reekie where in 1903 he found work in the newly built and most splendid Scotsman Newspaper headquarters. Rabbie worked hard and quickly developed a friendship with Charles Alfred Cooper the newspaper’s dynamic editor. Both men shared a love of malt whisky, hunting game, fresh seafood and of course that most British of drinks…tea!

At the age of 67 and retired now to a quiet life in the Highlands of Scotland, Rabbie was taken ill, possibly the broken heart from the loss of his beloved Amelie eventually took its toll. He spent his last few days talking to his now grown up son, recounting tales of his life, the story of the Elizabeth Stuart and the things he had seen.

The Czech beer tanks, the incredible Bohemian people, amazing bierhalles in Germany, the cabaret & cocktails in Paris, the Prosecco parties and cafes in Italy and most of all; the heritage and flavours of his Scottish roots. When he passed, Rabbie’s son vowed that he would enjoy the same experiences and pass them onto his son and so forth. The last great, great grandson listened hard and had the same burning desire and passion for all of these great things. In fact, he loves them so much he brought then altogether in an incredible and amazing mix, the most fantastic place with the spirit of old Rabbie, housed in the place where his great, great grandfather had worked so hard.

We like to think we were born to brew, made to bake and that we live to party…..just as Rabbie did! In fact, we believe it so much, we’re named after his journey.

Welcome to Brewhemia – The Spirit of Rabbie’s Legacy.

An ode to Rabbie…

Scotland’s only Beer Palace is a fitting place to showcase the thinking man’s selection of tank beers. With more tanks and more beers than anywhere else in the UK our fearless tank champions travel Europe and the UK to hand deliver the freshest nectar this side of Bohemia. Couple this with 12 showcase beers on tap, homemade schnapps, cocktails conceived by our very own Brewhemians, Prosecco aplenty and 150 gins and you’ll see why we call it a palace.

Scottish Scran

Rabbie enjoyed the finer things in life and was never one to miss a meal. Our kitchen is proud to prepare fresh, local food everyday for the Caffe, Taproom and Beer Palace. There’s some Bohemian inspired fare as befits our beers but also a celebration of Rabbies Scottish roots – from wild, free range haggis to the ultimate beer battered fish and chips.

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    1A Market Street, Edinburgh


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    1. Age policy| Excluding guests that are visiting as part of a dining party Brewhemia operates an over 21 policy. Challenge 25 is in operation. All guests under 21 are allowed in the venue until 10pm.

    2. Dress Code | Brewhemians are a dapper bunch, we request that all guests dress appropriately and not for getting the messages. If it’s on Geordie Shore you won’t get through the door. No fancy dress and no football colours, no sportswear or workwear please. We don’t allow decorations either, including balloons, banners etc.

    3. Bookings will be held for 15 minutes, after this time all tables/areas will be re-opened for other customers. Any areas left unattended for longer than 15 minutes will not be held.

    4. Due to our layout you may be seated across multiple tables and we reserve the right to re-allocate bookings within the venue.

    5. Please note we are a live entertainment venue and therefore there will likely be loud, live music on during your visit, including immersive and interactive performers.

    6. Right of admission | We reserve the right to refuse admission or service at any time. Please drink responsibly and behave appropriately.

    7. Holding Tables reservations of 5 or under are allocated a 2 hour dining window, 6 or more two and a half hours, 9 or more operate a three hour allocation.