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Birth of a Peacock

We wanted to do something grand for the summer cocktail menus and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. After a brainstorm the Brewhemian collective came up with the desire to make a fantastic photo op, a statement of gargantuan proportions – in short, we wanted to peacock…

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10 Reasons to get a dog

1. You can come and meet more people in Brewhemia! More friends, more fun, right? As we get older some people often become slightly more reclusive but owning a dog means you’re more likely to be outgoing, around 1 in 4 people who own dogs speak to more people when they go out for walks. […]

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Oktoberfests Little Sister

Oktoberfests (not so little), little sister: Frühlingsfest   Sumptuous beers, delectable food, artisan schnapps, live bands, decadent entertainment and maybe… some more beers? It all sounds a lot like Oktoberfest and its easy to see why you might think that because Frühlingsfest is often referred to as Oktoberfest’s (not so little), little sister. The beer is […]

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Tank Fresh Beer

Ever heard of tank beer, how fresh it is and that it’s better for the environment? If you’ve ever been to Brewhemia you may have noticed the 8 giant copper tanks we have throughout our building, they aren’t for show. They hold some of the freshest, most delicious, environmentally friendly beer the world has to […]

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    1. Age policy| Excluding guests that are visiting as part of a dining party Brewhemia operates an over 21 policy. Challenge 25 is in operation. All guests under 21 are allowed in the venue until 10pm.

    2. Dress Code | Brewhemians are a dapper bunch, we request that all guests dress appropriately and not for getting the messages. If it’s on Geordie Shore you won’t get through the door. No fancy dress and no football colours, no sportswear or workwear please. We don’t allow decorations either, including balloons, banners etc.

    3. Bookings will be held for 15 minutes, after this time all tables/areas will be re-opened for other customers. Any areas left unattended for longer than 15 minutes will not be held.

    4. Due to our layout you may be seated across multiple tables and we reserve the right to re-allocate bookings within the venue.

    5. Please note we are a live entertainment venue and therefore there will likely be loud, live music on during your visit, including immersive and interactive performers.

    6. Right of admission | We reserve the right to refuse admission or service at any time. Please drink responsibly and behave appropriately.

    7. Holding Tables reservations of 5 or under are allocated a 2 hour dining window, 6 or more two and a half hours, 9 or more operate a three hour allocation.