Brewhemia x Budvar – Czech Please!


Brewhemia x Budvar – Czech Please!

27 August

Greetings from the Republic of Beer!

Our friends at Budweiser Budvar, the national brewery of the Czech Republic, will be bringing a refreshing slice of Czech beer culture to our Taproom and your pint glasses this Friday with a unique session that’s a real must for any fan of fantastic beer.

Our servers will be touring the Taproom carrying trays laden with freshly-poured, thick-foamed glasses of beer. Every time you treat yourself to a pint of tank fresh Budvar, our tapsters will stamp your exclusive beer ticket…Get four stamps on your ticket and we’ll cover your fifth pint!

And not only will you enjoy an authentic Czech bar experience, you’ll also meet (and have a beer with) Budvar’s own expert beertender and brand ambassador, Radim! Born only a short drive away from the Budvar brewery in České Budějovice, Radim lives and breathes Czech beer. As an avid homebrewer himself, he’ll be spreading the gospel of beer according to Czechs – join us at the bar and say hi!

Join us this Friday for a chance to experience a traditional Czech beer authentically- pretty much the next best thing to catching a flight to the Czech Republic and pouring a pint straight from Budvar’s brewery cellar tanks. As they say in the Czech Republic “Na zdraví!”


Tank fresh

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