The Worlds most awarded Gin


Tasting Experience

Join us in the Brewhemia Boudoir for a tasting experience of Martin Miller’s Gin – romance & adventure in a glass.

Martin Miller has been leading the gin renaissance since 1999 when he and his two friends, appalled by the lack of quality gin, set off on a quest to create the best gin possible, sparing no expense.

Your ticket for the evening entitles you to your samples, perfect serve Gin & Tonic, sorbet and nibbles.

Martin Millers Gin tasting at Brewhemia Edinburgh

Since its launch in 1999, Martin Miller’s Gin has consistently won awards for excellence from the world’s leading judging institutions.

Martin Miller’s Gin has won more gold and platinum medals than any other gin in the last 10 years including at the four most respected competitions; The World Spirits Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, ISC and IWSC.

In 2003 Martin Miller’s Westbourne Dry Gin was awarded 97 points by the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago, the highest score ever awarded to a gin. It has held that position for twelve years, once again being awarded 97 points in 2015.

Both Martin Miller’s and Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength have won awards including Gold and Best in Class from a number of organisations.

Martin Miller and his two friends, David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh, kicked off the whole gin ‘new wave’ back in 1999 with the launch of Martin Miller’s eponymous gin.

Picture a quiet bar in Notting Hill Gate some time in the late summer of 1998. Three friends are sitting around three very sad looking gin and tonics.

One of them, a certain Martin Miller, sits, stirring his melting ice, quietly murmuring to himself. Pushing away his drink, he looks up and asks,

”You know what I’m going to do?“

“No.” reply his two friends.


“What on earth have you been drinking?” they ask, (they’ve heard this sort of thing from him before.)

In reply Martin fires a question back at them.

“Just suppose time and money were no object, what would it take for us to make the perfect gin?”

His friends simply shrugged.

“Well, do you want to know what I think?“

They knew they would have no choice in the matter.

“Well gin certainly shouldn’t taste like this.” he said wrinkling his nose,

“Isn’t gin supposed to taste good? No, not just good, great; even when drunk neat.“

He was now toying with a limp lemon slice, spearing it absentmindedly with the end of a cocktail stick.

“After all gin isn’t some boring neutral spirit; gin is the most seductive of drinks.”


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    1. Age policy| Excluding guests that are visiting as part of a dining party Brewhemia operates an over 21 policy. Challenge 25 is in operation. All guests under 21 are allowed in the venue until 10pm.

    2. Dress Code | Brewhemians are a dapper bunch, we request that all guests dress appropriately and not for getting the messages. If it’s on Geordie Shore you won’t get through the door. No fancy dress and no football colours. We don’t allow decorations either, including balloons, banners etc.

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