New to our tanks – Budvar! Fresh from the Republic of Beer

If you’ve heard of us or visited Brewhemia before, you’ll certainly be acquainted with our iconic copper beer tanks, immediately visible in their shiny glory as you enter the venue. These stunning tanks house our very favourite beers, both from local breweries and further afield, and our collection is certainly something to write home about.

As such, we’re delighted to announce the latest beer to arrive in our tanks is something very special indeed – a beer that is quite literally part of the fabric of the landscape and citizens of the nation that birthed it. Budějovický Budvar hails from the Czech Republic and is a fantastic example of just what makes Czech beer among the very best in the world.




We were delighted to host the guys from Budvar for a training session with our team, where we learnt tons about the beer. That includes the history & heritage of the brewery, the brewing and ageing process & how Budvar source their authentic local Czech ingredients. Our team certainly found it a fantastic session, and we thought you’d find it interesting too. So, here’s a little about Budvar, and how and why you should join us to give it a try for yourself.



The first thing to know about the Czech Republic is that they’re the worlds most avid beer drinkers, consuming a per capita average of 170 litres per year! And with those numbers, you’d have to assume that they’re very much invested in the national beer industry. And you’d be correct – literally! order xanax online cheap Budvar is a truly unique brewery in that it’s owned and funded by the state, meaning all ten million residents of the Czech Republic own a share in the business. And with a history of brewing reaching all the way back to 1895  Budvar can certainly be considered a Czech national institution. 

Our team also learnt and experienced the blend of very specific local ingredients that make Budvar such a fresh and flavourful pint. From the first-class hops, Moravian malt and unique millennia-old mineral water – each batch of beer contains the very essence of the Czech Republic in every drop.


And that’s where our very own tanks come into the picture – the beer is transported in airtight containers directly from the cellars to us – and arrives fresh and unpasteurised. Meaning that when it hits your glass, you’re basically savouring the next best thing to being stood in that beer cellar in Ceske Budejovice, South Bohemia. Truly sublime, this is beer-drinking as it should be.

To try Budvar today, simply order from our drinks menu, the barcode for which you’ll find on our tables. From there, our staff will deliver your pint tank fresh to your table. Or, book a drinks table with us this Thursday from 5-6 pm to bag yourself a complimentary sample of Budvar and a Brewhemian pretzel to enjoy as you sip, available to the first 50 people to claim. Sounds like the perfect evening plan to us…As they say in the Republic of Beer “Na zdraví”!

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