Birth of a Peacock

Birth of a Peacock at Brewhemia Edinburgh

Peacocking– (noun), ostentatious dress or behaviour employed to impress


We wanted to do something grand for the summer cocktail menus and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. After a brainstorm the Brewhemian collective came up with the desire to make a fantastic photo op, a statement of gargantuan proportions – in short, we wanted to peacock…


Now, what better way to peacock than with an actual peacock… the challenge was laid and only a  bird of epic proportions was going to fit the ‘bill’ (sorry!). A call went out and we enlisted the help of Livingreen Design, an Edinburgh based company who have been at the forefront of the professional landscape market for the past 30 years. Collaborating with Elizabeth Thomson Decor the plan was ‘hatched’ (sorry again!), and the build began.


Livingreen put together a ‘flock’ (getting ridiculous now), of decorative wizards, headed up by Samantha who lovingly built, assembled, preened and plucked the peacock into being. A two week build time used 10,000 cable ties, over 14,400 stems of lavender, conifer, hydrangeas, blue roses, ferns, hops and other florals.


The front of the venue was chosen as the place for the peacock to grace, for the last 2 years we have buy brand ambien online created and installed beautiful flower walls to greet the people emerging from Waverley station. Our peacock had to be grander, bigger and better. Weighing in at a hefty 6m tall and 12m wide from tip to tail he has been constructed from 77 individual flower panels all locked together in a floral jigsaw.


The peacock body was built in layers to make him chubby and stand out, 250 small rose bunches and over 300 large blue roses combined to great effect. He has 26 outside eyes and 17 inner eyes on his feathers, bejewelled with Bombay Sapphire bottles. His beak was hand carved by Melissa who won the 6th form art prize at Mary Erskines and it finishes off this stunning build.


We’re proud of our peacock and the effort from the whole team behind him who brought him to life. He’s here to celebrate the fringe, to welcome you to our amazing city and it’s our way of ‘peacocking’ to get you to come along and enjoy Brewhemia. We refuse to be ordinary and so should you!


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