Tank Fresh Beer

Tank Fresh Beer at Brewhemia Edinburgh

Ever heard of tank beer, how fresh it is and that it’s better for the environment?

If you’ve ever been to Brewhemia you may have noticed the 8 giant copper tanks we have throughout our building, they aren’t for show. They hold some of the freshest, most delicious, environmentally friendly beer the world has to offer. But why?

In order to provide you with brewery fresh beer, an airtight tanker collects the beer from our chosen breweries and races through to Brewhemia (abiding by all road laws), they then pump the sweet golden nectar into our tanks. This leaves minimal chance for the beer to be tainted by oxygen or other contaminants, giving you our taste bud tantalising, fresh tank beer.

Because of this delivery and storage method breweries don’t have to pasteurize their beer (the method of heating the beer to increase its shelf life) which removes a vast amount of the flavour. Many of our beers are also unfiltered (or filtered without Eisen cheap valium for sale uk glass) which makes them vegan-friendly!

Obviously, this benefits anyone who has the opportunity to wet their whistle with our tank fresh beer and enjoy the bubbling goodness but it also has benefits to our environment. Something of great concern to many, because of the size of each delivery of each tank beer we require fewer deliveries, we also don’t need to return empty kegs (and the bag its stored in is recyclable). That’s a vast amount of trucks on the road decreased, great right? Well, there’s more, as we don’t use any kegs that’s huge water savings as there’s no need to rinse kegs we don’t use!

There’s not a whole load of people utilising tank beer yet, so you won’t find it everywhere. We are in fact the only bar in Scotland to sell the award-winning tank fresh pilsner, Schiehallion. It’s unfiltered, unpasteurized and we’ve just added an extra tank so that everyone can come and enjoy it!

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