Thirst quenchingly, lip smackingly, taste bud tinglingly the best beer in the world!


In the beginning there was beer…

The unique fermented, pale lager, born out of the art and courage to follow a new and exciting path. It gave it’s name to what is now the best selling type of lager in the world, (pils, pilsner).

Our staff are tapsters, artists at the pour – fanatical about drawing you the perfect glass of beer in one of the traditional Czech pours, Mliko, Hladinka and Snyt. We practice the art all day, every day. Thick creamy head protecting the golden liquid below, a celebration of freshness and taste, beer as it is meant to be.

In the end…… there is tank fresh beer.


With more tanks and more tank beers than any other bar in the UK it’s fair to say we’ve embraced the phenomenon and are completely convinced it’s the best way to drink beer. But if you’ve never had it before it may be a bit of a mystery so here’s all you need to know….

‘If you think you don’t like lager, you only have to taste this nectar to become aware of your folly’ – so wrote renowned beer expert Pete Brown after trying unpasteurised beer straight from the brewery cellar. Tank beer brings that experience to the beer palace.


Well the answer is actually quite simple, Beer is piped directly from the vast, conditioning & proving tanks nestled in the brewery cellars straight into airtight, temperature controlled mini-tanks ready to be quickly transported. By maintaining exceptional cleaning and hygiene standards through transportation the beer can be delivered unpasteurised and unfiltered. Speed and temperature are vital to preserve that authentic brewery taste that is normally lost when kegging beer and pasteurising it.


We believe that the tank fresh beer is the best beer you’ll ever drink, it’s brighter, more vivid, more lively and less gassy. Literally beer nirvana, the closest you can get to hopping on a plane, flying to the Czech Republic, travelling to the brewery and dipping your ice cold tankard straight into the centuries old proving tanks.

Our brewers all have one thing in common, they are hugely passionate about the beer they brew. Some have hundreds of years of master brewers and experience behind them; others have passion, enthusiasm and a desire to be unique. The brewers start early, they work hard and they only ever send their very best brews out to our tanks. The cream of the crop so to speak.


One thing we always wanted to do with Brewhemia was celebrate the tank beers, there are other bars with tanks but nobody else has as many or with the same variety of beers to choose from. In order to pick the beers our selfless, hard working Brewhemians got to work visiting breweries and drinking beer (for research purposes obviously…). We wanted some amazing local brewers and we also wanted to pay tribute to those incredible Czech brewers that started Rabbie’s story. The line up changes from time to time but the one thing you’ll be guaranteed is that the beer in those tanks is the freshest you’ll get anywhere in Scotland. Here’s the current selection:


Pivo z tanku – Prague tank beer, the holy grail of beers

In the Czech Republic beer is a passion, bartenders craft their art and learn the pour. Beer is a religion and the altar is Staropramen. Brewed under the watchful eye of Head Brewmaster Zdenek Lux the colour, temperature, gravity and bitterness are nurtured to deliver the perfect liquid. Tankers collect this directly from the finishing tanks and transport it rapidly throughout Europe, travelling overnight to ensure that the beer is at it’s freshest when we pour from our taps. A genuine Czech Pilsner, 5% abv, soft malty flavour finishes to a gentle bitterness.


Imperial Taste from a truly Royal Beer

Born in 1851 Krusovice is the only Czech beer brewed using a cradle of Pilsner style hops from the Saaz region. They did such a good job brewing the beer that King Rudolph II bought the brewery in 1853 after being amazed at the quality and taste of the beer. King Rudolph was quite a character, known as the Mad King he refused to speak to his children, of which there were many, because they were too ugly – he did however know a thing or two about good beer. Krusovice became, and still is, the only Royal brewery ever in Czech lands. A full bodied 5% Czech lager with hoppy aroma.

Stewart’s Lager

The only Stewart’s Craft tank in the world….. well so far anyway!

Founded by Steve and Jo and born from a love of beer and a desire to make it, the Stewart’s brewery was founded in 2004. Located just 5.8 miles from our tanks the beer is literally less than 30 minutes old by the time the tapsters are pouring it. The Stewart’s Craft lager is Edinburgh in a glass – crisp, dry and refreshing – just like our bracing spring mornings! Super sessionable, this 4% craft lager has a straw colour and a citrusy hint from the Saaz hops.


St Mungo’s

Glaswegian Heart and a German Head

RDP-10014-FECIR St Mungo

Glaswegian Heart and a German Head – never has there been a better slogan. Petra’s brewery is fanatical about brewing according to the German purity laws, the Rheinheitsgebot. St Mungo’s is our first rotational tank from the Glasgow brewers, speeding along the M8 they claim door to door in a speed limit observing 80 minutes. St Mungo’s is their flagship lager, named after the patron saint of Glasgow and fellow brewer. A 4.9% Helles lager, firm, crisp and malty. Gloriously addictive.

Edinburgh Beer Factory


Pow-lot-see! Hard to spell, easy to drink

EBF Paolozzi 1

Just a quick hop step and a jump on the tram takes you to the hallowed Edinburgh Beer Factory, founded in 2015, a true family run operation. Paolozzi, their first and highly acclaimed brew, is named for Eduardo Paolozzi – a famous Edinburgh native actually credited by Andy Warhol as starting the pop art movement. Our Paolozzi is unique – we get it unfiltered direct from the conditioning tanks where is has spent 6 weeks lagering and becoming a multi award winning beer. A bitter-sweet 5.2% Munich-Helles style lager, the only unfiltered Paolozzi tanks in the world.

Come on by and try pure liquid gold! Not sure which one? Why not ask one of our Tapsters for a recommendation, they’ll tell you more about the range and if you’re lucky you’ll be talking to a Tank Champion – they’ve been to the brewery and even brewed the beer alongside the master brewers.

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