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February 24, 2024

Tank Time: Six weeks, 60 kilos and a taste of Prague later…

Prague: the iconic city renowned for its rich history, Astronomical Clock, and of course the liquid gold the rest of the world has grown to adore: Staropramen. But, what’s that go to do with Brewhemia? You clearly haven’t Czeched it out…

Here at Brewhemia we like to pride ourselves on adventure; from curated libations, decadent dishes, and extravagant theatrics, with the sky the limit. Yet now, it’s safe to say we’ve officially brought that ethos from the inside out with the latest unveiling of our Market Street façade – a striking ode to our bohemian roots and passion for tank fresh beer in more ways than one.

As of January, we’ve taken the brick-and-mortar exterior of Brewhemia into a golden epoch, paying homage to the holy land of hops with Staropramen in-stride. More than six weeks of craftsmanship and 60 kilos of copper later, our own version of Prague’s Astronomical Clock elegantly takes centre stage outside our doors with golden touches illuminated from day to night – a ticking reminder that no matter where the clock hands land, it’s always tank time.

A major feat with partners, Staropramen, we engaged in works with renowned prop builders, Kevin Thornton and Will McEvoy to bring the vision to life – merging the iconic Czech landmark with our Brewhemia essence and brand of Staropramen, resulting in one of Edinburgh’s latest and greatest streetscapes.

With a tight schedule, time was ticking. Kevin and Will worked through Christmas and New Years, building the copper clock, and transforming an original 2D sketch into a masterpiece by collaborating with global clockmakers Smith of Derby (known for their work since the 1800s). Six weeks later, it took two full days and an entire team to assemble the clock to the façade of Brewhemia, with additional details evolving. Kevin noting the efforts, stating, ”We didn’t anticipate the weight of this thing once all the copper was applied, at least 60kg. That meant working on it was a pain to maneuver around the workshop. Materials like copper and acrylic scratch very easily so we had to be extremely careful. It really slowed down the process”.

Supporting the striking face, our in-house team utilised a copper beer tank cutting it in half, placing it on either side of the clock face with adjoining pipe, creating a golden journey across the front of the building, finished with florals and greenery – a true masterpiece in ode to the real bohemia.

Staropramen is the number one Czech export, loved across the globe for all the right reasons and it’s no secret we’re fans…grand fans. With six of 12 copper tanks claimed by the Prague pioneers under our roof, we’ve taken the partnership ’round the clock – literally – with the new installation a must-see to believe. The four new additional tanks, seamlessly installed and managed by TankBeer (our partners for a long time and a good time), extend our repertoire, delivering Staropramen the 1180 miles from Prague to Brewhemia ensuring we always have supply – rain, hail, or shine.

Discover more about the Staropramen journey from the Prague brewery, direct to Brewhemia here.

It's Curtain Call at Brewhemia

It was a sad day for music lovers in Edinburgh when The Jazz Bar, a beloved local venue, announced its closure. Known for its intimate setting and eclectic line-up of artists, The Jazz Bar had been a cornerstone of the city’s music scene for years. Its closure left a void in the hearts of many, and more importantly, left local artists without a stage to perform their music.

However, as one door closes, another opens. Brewhemia, Scotland’s only Beer Palace, has stepped up to fill the gap left by The Jazz Bar. Recognising the need for a new venue for local artists, Brewhemia has opened its doors to the talented musicians of Edinburgh.

A New Home for Local Artists

Brewhemia is not just offering a stage; it’s providing a home for local artists. The venue’s unique atmosphere, combined with its commitment to showcasing local talent, makes it the perfect place for musicians to play their gigs. Artists who once graced the stage at The Jazz Bar can now continue to share their music with the community at Brewhemia.

A New Entertainment Rota

Brewhemia's own Carrie Beattie, the Entertainment Director, and Events Team at Brewhemia have worked tirelessly to coordinate a new entertainment rota. This new schedule offers live entertainment seven days a week, ensuring that there is always something exciting happening in the Beer Palace.

What to expect:

  • Neumusik Monday: Big bands and big talent. Neumusik Monday boasts a variable line-up of top-class pro players, who travel in from around Scotland to participate in this outstanding gig.

  • Brew&Blues Tuesday: an Open Stage 'Jazz Jam', where our new Haus Trio will back all kinds of surprise guests dropping in to play. If musicians want to get involved, they are encouraged to arrive at the venue with their instruments and ask for a spot on that evening's list of guest players.

  • Musikhalle: a variety of live music showcasing local, national and international talent.

  • Howl @ The Moon: every Thursday night in the Beer Palace, watch the piano maestros go head-to-head in an exhilarating clash of keys, straight from the roaring ragtime joints of 1920s Chicago. The best part? They take requests!

  • Kabaret: A night full of curated Kabaret for the senses, where every Friday, the city's pulse is set to a symphony of taste, sound and revelry. Immersive melodies fuse and rhythms rise, ensuring your spirit dances 'til dawn.

  • Saturday Shindigs: When the sun goes down, the stars come out - we're talking dancing on tables, promenading entertainers, live music and performances to get you up on your feet.

  • Sunday Service: Wind down the week with our soothing and serene Sundays, complete with our sensational Rabbie's Roast, the Bloody Mary Cart and live music beginning at 1:30pm.

The Future of Music at Brewhemia

The closure of The Jazz Bar marked the end of an era, but the rise of Brewhemia signals the beginning of a new one. With its commitment to supporting local artists and providing a vibrant venue for live entertainment, Brewhemia is set to become a new beacon in Edinburgh’s music scene.

As we bid farewell to The Jazz Bar, we also look forward to the future. A future filled with the sound of music echoing through the halls of Brewhemia, as local artists take to the stage and continue to make Edinburgh a city known for its vibrant music scene.

Each night offers something new - you won't want to miss it!

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